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There are many sites on the Web. These are all links to sites that I have found useful for a native English speaker with some Chinese ability.
Bibles (online)
http://unbound.biola.eduBibleSearchable Bibles in various languages
http://www.biblegateway.comBibleSearchable Bibles in English
http://www.ccim.org/bible/index_en.htmlBibleChinese Bible Ho Ho version (GB and Big5) available for download)
http://www.aizhu.comBibleChinese Pinyin / English Bible (also hymns)
http://www.wordproject.orgBibleChinese Pinyin / English Bible with Portugese
http://www.audiotreasure.com/mp3/Mandarin/menu.htmAudio Mandaran Chinese Bible Audio Files
http://www.chinese-bible.comBibleChinese Pinyin / English Bible with French
Biblical Software (Free)
http://www.e-sword.netProgramExcellent English Bible Software (includes NIV), Commentaries
http://www.onlinebible.orgProgramOriginal English Bible Program with Commentaries
Christian Literature
http://www.cyberhymnal.orgHymnsEnglish Hymns with MIDI
www.ccel.orgLibraryDownloadable Christian Classic books in English and Chinese
www.translatum.gr/bible/download.htmIndexLinks to sites with downloadable Bibles and Biblical Software
Chinese Tools
www.mdbg.net DictionaryChinese-English
weber.ucsd.edu/~dkjordan/resources/unicodemaker.html ConvertChinese Characters to Unicode
pinyin.info/tools/converter/chars2uninumbers.html\ ConvertChinese Characters to Unicode Convert
pinyin.info/unicode/marks3.html ConvertTone numbers (1,2,3,4) to Tone marks.
DrWangFreeTTF-v1.3-Installer.exeFonts Free (GNU GPL Licence) Chinese Fonts (Traditional & Simplified) Includes ZhuYinFuhao (~200MB)


Power Points for Chinese Hymns (Rolling Meadows, IL)


Zhongli Christian Bible Church (in Taiwan)

Ridgecrest Baptist Church (in Hamilton, ON Canada)

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