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You are free to use and distribute these materials as you see fit. Suggestions for improvements would be appreciated. If you have other materials that you have found to be effective in introducing Jesus Christ and Christian beliefs (particularily for non-North American students) in either English, Chinese (GuoBiao format), or Japanese (any format), a copy on computer disk would be appreciated.
Motivation for this collection of IBS materials on computer disk.
        1. for ease of transportation from place to place.
        2. modifications of materials to suit local conditions can be made much more simply then on hard copy.
        3. Materials need only be printed at the time of use so storage space is a minimum.
        4. ASCII format allows for maximum portability
Brief Index
a00.txt 6 Complete lessons introducing Jesus & the Christian faith
b00.txt Outline of Topics to Cover in 1 Year followup course
c00.txt 7 Complete lessons using Chinese Characters to introduce Christian faith
d00.txt 13 Complete lessons introducing Christian faith and world view
e00.txt 11 Complete lessons in the Old Testament
f00.txt Advice for working with foreign students (Chinese)
chengyu.txt some Chengyus that can be used in teaching Scripture
X-mass/index.htm suggestions for teaching a 6 week series on Christmas based on the book "A Great Light" by Dolores Wirz of English Language Institute
begin/index.htm a short course, utilizing Chinese Characters with emphasis that this is not a foreign religion but that characters reflect the story...
Complete index
indcomp.txt an annotated index of the contents of this director

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