Local Units, Time and Angular Measure

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Commonly Used Units

Symbol Physical Quantity Name Definition SI
lb mass Pound 0.45359237 kg
kgf force Kilogram-Force9.80665 N
torr pressure Torr 0.133322 N /m²
atm pressure Atmosphere 760 torr
amu mass Atomic Mass Unit 1.6605655e-27 kg
D electric dipole moment Debye 3.33564e-30 A m s
eV energy Electron Volt 1.60219e-19 J
BTU energy British Thermal Unit1055.056 J
kWh energy Kilowatt-Hour3.6e6 J
cal&subt&subhenergy Thermochemical Calorie4.184 J
°C temperature Centigrade =K + 273
°F temperature Fahrenheit 9/5*(°C+32)
in length (UK) Inch 2.54e-2 m
ft length (UK) foot 12 in0.3048 m
yd length (UK) yard 3 ft 0.9144 m
rod length (UK) rod 5.5 yd5.0292 m
furlong length (UK) furlong 220 yd
mi length (UK) mile 1760 yd 1609.3 m
acre area (UK) acre 160 rod² 0.404687 H
section area (UK) section mile²
load volume-sand load yd³
cd volume-wood cord 128 ft³3.624 m³
perch volume-stoneperch 24.75 ft³
drop capacity-liquid (APO) drop61.6e-6 l
minim capacity-liquid (APO) minim61.6e-6 l
fl drachm capacity-liquid (APO) fluid drachm 60 drops3.69e-3 l
fl ounce capacity-liquid (APO) fluid ounce 8 drachms29.57e-3 l
gi capacity-liquid (UK) gill 0.118292 l
pt capacity-liquid (UK) liquid pint 4 gi = 16 fl ounces0.4732 l
qt capacity-liquid (UK) liquid quart2 pi 0.9463 l
gal capacity-liquid (UK) gallon 8 pi 3.7853 l
bbl capacity-liquid (UK) barrel 31.5 gal
hhd capacity-liquid (UK) hogshead 2 bbl
pt capacity-dry (UK) dry pint
qt capacity-dry (UK) dry quart 2 pts1.1012 l
peck capacity-dry (UK) peck 8 qts8.810 l
bushel capacity-dry (UK) bushel 4 pecks35.23 l
grain weight (APO/TROY) grain .0648 g
scruple weight (APO) scruple 20 grains
dram weight (APO) dram 60 grains
ounce weight (APO) ounce 8 drams
lb weight (APO/TROY) Pound 12 ounces, 5760 grains373.2 g
drachm weight (AVOIR) drachm
ounce weight (AVOIR) ounce 16 drachm28.350 g
lb weight (AVOIR) Pound 16 ounces453.6 g
ton weight (AVOIR) short ton 2000 lbs0.9072 tonneau
long tonweight (AVOIR) long ton 2240 lbs1.016 tonneau
grain weight (AVOIR) grain
hundredweight weight (AVOIR)hundredweight7000 grains, 112 lbs
pennyweight weight (TROY)pennyweight24 grains
ounce weight (TROY) ounce 20 pennyweights31.103 g
carat weight (TROY) carat 3.2 grains

APO: Apothecaries' Weight
AVOIR: Avoirdupois Weight
TROY: Troy Weight
UK: United Kingdom (England)


Symbol Name Definition
min minute 60 s
hr hour 60 min
day 24 hrs
week 7 days
fortnight 2 weeks
yr common year 365 days = 12 months
leap year 366 days
decade 10 yrs
century 10 decades

Angular Measure

Symbol Name Definition
rad radian 2&pi rad in circle
grad gradian 400 grad in circle
° degrees 60', 360 deg in circle
" seconds
' minutes 60"
quad quadrant 90°

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