I wonder as I wander
I won-der as I wan-der
  out un-der the sky
How Je-sus the sa-vior,
  did come for to die
For poor on-ry peo-ple
  like you and like I
I won-der as I wan-der,
  out un-der the sky
Sweet Mary laid Jesus,
  within a cow's stall
Came wise men and farmers
  and shepherds and all
The bless-ings of Christ-mas
  from heav-en did fall
And God's pro-mise of a-ges,
  to them did re-call
If Je-sus had wan-ted for
  an-y small thing
A cloud in the sky
  or a bird on a string
Or all of God's angels
  in heaven to sing
He surely could have had it,
  because He was the King