Silent Night
Si-lent night, ho-ly night,
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon vir-gin mother and Child,
Ho-ly In-fant so ten-der and mild,
Sleep in heav-en-ly peace (2X)
Si-lent night, ho-ly night,
Dark-ness flies, all is light,
Shep-herds hear the an-gels sing,
"Al-le-lu-ia! hail the King!
Christ the Sav-iour is born," (2X)
Si-lent night, ho-ly night,
Guiding Star, lend thy light;
See the east-ern wise men bring
Gifts and hom-age to our King!
Christ the Sav-iour is born, (2X)
Si-lent night, ho-ly night,
Shep-hards quake at the sight;
Glo-ries stream from heav-en a-far,
Heav-n-ly hosts sing, "Al-le-lu-ia,
Christ, the Sav-iour is born,"(2X)
Si-lent night, Ho-ly night,
Son of God, love's pure light,
Ra-d'ant beams from Thy ho-ly face,
With the dawn of re-deem-ing grace,
Je-sus, Lord, at Thy birth, (2X)