Fairest Lord Jesus
Fair-est Lord Je-sus,
Rul-er of all na-ture,
O Thou of God and man the Son;
Thee will I cher-ish,
Thee will I hon-or,
Thou, my soul's glo-ry, joy, and crown.
Fair are the mead-ows,
Fair-er still the wood-lands,
Robed in the bloom-ing grab of spring;
Je-sus is fair-er,
Je-sus is pur-er,
Who makes the woe-ful heart to sing.
Fair is the sun-shine,
Fair-er still the moon-light,
And all the twink-ling, star-ry host;
Je-sus shines bright-er,
Je-sus shines pur-er,
Than all the an-gels heaven can boast.
Beau-ti-ful Sav-iour!
Lord of the na-tions!
Son of God and Son of Man!
Glo-ry and hon-our,
Praise, ad-or-ra-tion,
Now and for-ev-er-more be Thine!