Yuan Ze University Faculty Fellowship

December 11, 2018

  1. FCRR: Quiet Repentance
  2. Praise: Acapella10,000 Reasons by Matt Redmann
  3. Intercede for University Leadership
    1. College of General Education Liang Jiayu 梁家祺 (BL englios)
    2. Dean, College of Engineering: Dr. Shuo-Jen Lee
    3. Dean, College of Electrical Engineerg, Yaw-Geng Chau
    4. College of Management (no info english website)
    5. College of Infomatics, Dean, Chien-Lung Chan
    6. College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chang-tay Chiou
  4. CCC: Courses/Campus/Comrades (JDW request: NCU Prof WY Woon wife's sister husband: healing/salvation)
  5. PPR: Personal Prayer Requests
  6. Christmas Cards

December 4, 2018

  1. Thank God
  2. Thank God in Seasons of Life (meditation)
  3. Intercede for university leadership
    1. Chairman Mr. Douglas Tong Hsu
    2. Jyh-Yang Wu. President, Yuan Ze University
    3. Chih-Min Lin, Vice President, Yuan Ze University
    4. Ching-Ting Lee, Vice President, Yuan Ze University


  1. Joy (171121)