Jhongli Christian Bible Church (English/Chinese)

"Your Home Away from Home"

Who are we?

A group of foreigners and locals who meet together weekly to study to worship God and study the Bible. All are welcome -- no matter what your beliefs. Worship is in English. The messages are Bilingual (English/Chinese).

When do we meet?

Sundays at 7:00 PM

Where do we meet? (地址):

Xinxing Rd. Lane 102 Number 12 4F,
Zhong-Li District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
32096桃園市中壢區新興路102巷12號4樓 (中壢橄欖書以上)

Directions if using Train:

1. Use back exit of ZhongLi Train Station
2. Walk 2 minutes to the (Olive) bookstore (~150m, See Map on Right)
3. The church is on the 4th floor above the bookstore.(See Picture)

Selected Services

Cultural Hermaneutics: Honor and Shame (October 8, 2017)
Easter Program (March 27, 2016)
Christmas Advent Program (2015)
map to Jhongli Christian Bible Church


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